I've started making cans of Funk-B-Gone. Want some?

Natalie ordered the first can. How many cans do you want?

Fun idea. What else do we need?

I’ll take 2 cans, (need one for a rainy day) How’s about some just “OFF”?

Oh boy, I sure could use some today! An x-large can please. Can you add some BG regulator to it? G

Bg regulator.
Let’s add Stupid taz to the list for those comments we get!

This stuff in amazing. Just the thought of a can of funk-b-gone worked for Natalie!! LOL.

I will take 2 cans also. It has been a bad week - I should ask for 7 cans to wash away the last 7 days!

What is wrong w/ the funk?


Love the James Brown. I’ll have 2 concentrated cans of Funk-b-gone to get me out of a blue funk about going to hospital.

I’m holding out on production of concentrated funk-b-gone till next year when sales slump and I need a “new and improved” product. But order now and you get two cans free!!

AcidRock…I love james brown.

Now we just need that funky chicken song. Please post.

Can I change just 2 cans to a case? Who know’s there might be more days like the last month than expected! LOL!

How many carbs per can? Free shipping with quamtity order? And how much per can. Do you have a large Jumbo size?

Zero carbs per squirt/spray!! Why add insult to injury?

I’m giving the cans away for free and free S/H for all TuDiabetes members.

I have developed an “Infinity” size. Last forever!!! Because I figure as long as there is D…there will always be funk.

I’ll take a can of the Infinity size please & thank you lol

Now we are talking!! Who was the guy in the shorts that was dancing?

Thanks for sharing. Loved the graphics.

I will take 3 xl cans, please. May need to keep me on “automatic” refill. :slight_smile:

Robin, may I suggest the “eternity” can? It never runs out. As I said earlier…as long as there is D there will be funk.