Jack Lalanne "The Father of Fitness" passed away!

Gosh I am sure if you are in the US you probably remember this guy!

Before Taebo, jane fonda, jazzercise, jackie warner or jillian micheals this guy had been advocating fitness and health.

Oh this is terrible news. He was my hero. He also was a before his time. HThe man not only invented the fitness movement, the health club, he designed a lot of the machines you see in the gym. I even forgive him for inventing the "Smith" machine. He also was a great advocate for proper diets. Here is Jack talking about sugar.

I'm so sad. He will be missed.

Yes he will be missed. He was one of the first’s. Yes I admit, I bought one of his juicers from him on his info-mercials!

I thought this guy was timeless. But he was 96. I can only hope to reach that milestone!

At age 60 he swam to Alcatraz.

In handcuffs.

Pulling a boat.

Jack LaLanne was amazing, a visionary and an inspiration.


I am old enough to remember Jack Lalanne and his exercise shows.This guy did it using basic excercise and music.Boring but effective,the way real life is.I don’t think he did anything that he did not approve of himself and he led by example. My condolences to his family and friends.ger

How can you be sad for someone who died at the age of 96?!

I wish I could live to be 96.

Wow!! I put my toe in the chilly water in the bay and that brought shivers up my spine!!!

He was so far ahead in so many ways…