Jacqueline Type 1 : After 72 days on #Afrezza - A1C level dropped to 6.7 from 9.1!

Source. Twitter. IM_TypeOne ( Jacqueline )

https://twitter.com/IM_TypeOne?lang=enIM_TypeOne @IM_TypeOne · 1h 1 hour ago
After 72 days on #Afrezza - A1C level dropped to 6.7 from 9.1 !
Thank you #Mannkind @afrezzauser @BSharp6669 @Peakabull @mikespike61

That is an encouraging result congrats and keep up the good work!

Is this your result or someone elses? Are you type 1?

These results were posted on the Twitter account https://twitter.com/IM_TypeOne?lang=en
The lady is Jacqueline and has Type 1 diabetes
Jackie, has just posted on Twitter:

IM_TypeOne @IM_TypeOne · 1h 1 hour ago
Been a diabetic since 1998. Have not been under 8.1 once in that whole time. In my daughters whole life.

Given the positive responses reported for Afrezza, had you considered trying it? Often in the first year of availability pharma companies will generously give samples to endos and these can be given out to patients to try. I had considered talking with my endo about Afrezza at my last appointment but other topics used up the available time.