January 1 fast approaching . . . thank goodness!

I'm so excited that we are almost at the new year and this holiday season will be over. For over 5 weeks, we have confronted expectations from family and friends (and ourselves) to indulge ourselves with food and drink: from stuffing to Christmas cookies, from latkes to champagne. How about the dear secretary who filled bowls with shiney little green & red M&Ms? Then there are the seasonal yens for a glass of eggnog or some peppermint stick ice cream. . .
But, sometime after the New Years Day brunches, our spouses, neighbors, and office mates will get on the resolution bandwagon. Lean Cuisine goes on sale at the grocery; the gym fills up with others on a mission to take care of themselves. For a wonderful few weeks, us PWDs don't feel so alone as other suddenly want to take care of their health.
That is until the Super Bowl parties and Valentine's Day are on the horizon. And once again, so begins another year of making decisions, saying no, feeling deprived, and making compromises.

I'm going to do the Daniel fast for 21 days starting on the Jan 7 and ending on the 28. My family gatherings always include massive amounts of food, my brother and I both suffer from insulin dependance (only two in the family) so we usually support each other, and sometimes one of us is a very bad influence on the other...;-)

Life is short, never sweat the small stuff.......

Last day of holiday with Family in France today. Too much french bread, too much cheese, too much wine not enough exercise. And holidays are supposed to be good for us?! Carb counting can be a chore at the best of times, but when confronted by christmas, its barely worth trying for 2 weeks! At least when you review your test data after the week its a good wake up call to get back on and get it right again!

Ho hum, back on the wagon (and more importantly the bike!) next week!

Happy end of holidays everyone!


Yes, I am looking forward to the end if the holidays too and getting things back to normal. Back to all the great low-carb meals i have come to love. I must say i have missed them.