January is Thyroid Awareness Month!

As Diabetics, we should get our thyroids checked often, in order to prevent treatment complications, raised levels of cholesterol, and other autoimmune issues. Research shows that there is a strong genetic link between thyroid disease and other autoimmune diseases including certain types of diabetes. In fact, fifteen to 20 percent of diabetics and their siblings or parents are at a greater risk of presenting with thyroid disease compared to 4.5 percent of the general population.

Thyroid Disease…

  • Affects at least 30 million Americans -- some experts say 59 million!
  • Is easily -- and frequently -- misdiagnosed as depression
  • Is at least 7 times more likely to affect women
  • Can be the actual cause of weight gain/difficulty losing weight, fatigue, depression, hair loss, and high cholesterol in some people
  • Is most often due to autoimmune disease
  • In women, can cause infertility, low sex drive, miscarriage, irregular menstrual periods, breastfeeding problems, and difficult menopause
  • Is NOT typically tested for as part of regular blood work in an annual physical
  • Is often overlooked, misdiagnosed, or insufficiently/incorrectly treated by physicians

So the next time you’re at your regular Endo appointment, ask for a thyroid check. Any good Endo would have already done this at the time of a Diabetes diagnosis, but we all know how we need to advocate for ourselves. :slight_smile: