Januvia and side-effects


I’m a Type 2 since 4 years.
My endo put me on Januvia (monotherapy), because the Gliclazide I was taking gave me weight gain and daily hypo’s. I cant’t take any Metformine because of nasty side-effects.
Apart from other side-effects (pain in abdomen, loss of appetite, depression), the Januvia made my bloodglucose levels go higher and higher, until it reached dangerous heights like a 360 mg/dl (20 mmol/L) in the evening before I went to bed and 220 mg/dl (12 mmol) in the morning.
So I stopped taking it after 4 weeks of trying and went back to Gliclazide which lowered my levels immediately.

My endo doesn't believe me even though I offered to bring him my bloodglucose meter.

Has anyone here experienced or heard about this strange effect of Januvia?

My doctor prescribed januvia early on after I was first diagnosed…but I had bad reactions to it so I was able to only take it only for a week. I also had pains on my abdomen, nausea, it also did not help with my asthma and allergies. At that time my doctor gave me glimiperide instead. A year later the doctor changed my medication to metformin once daily.

No - I was on Januvia, which was stopped as it wasn’t working for me. I had no side effects that I couls attribute to the Januvia.