Japanese restaurants:best choices

Since my T2 dx, I have found myself eating less frequently at Japanese restaurants. Avoiding white rice, sushi is out. Last time I ordered salmon teriyaki it was covered in sticky-sweet sauce (& came with rice). Good-bye bowls of udon & soba. Tried to eat some omelette-slice from my BF's bento box--omelette made with sugar, turns out. Seaweed salad dressing also seems sweet.
What is left to eat?
Looks like sashimi, edamame, & miso. Other ideas?

I’ve given up on Japanese food too, they get very worried if you don’t eat the rice and ask you if something is wrong with it. Some of the waiters and waitresses are not good at English and it is difficult to explain that nothing is wrong with the rice, it is me that is all wrong! I have also given up on Indian and Asian food. Very sad about this, but for me it is just not worth the after effects.

Some places have sushi rolls made wrapped in cucumber slices instead of rice. They are pretty tasty!

Part of why this irks me so is that before dx Japanese was a "healthy" choice. Plus my family keeps suggesting we go out for sushi. But I think I'm done.

I asked for rice-less rolls last night, but no . . .
With a tiny octopus salad, I then entertained myself with a bowl of edamame. Went home hungry & ate some cottage cheese.

I have a really hard time with Asian food as well. And I agree, lol it "used" to be the healthy choice. I got take out beef and broccoli one evening thinking ok I'll pick around the rice and eat the beef and broccoli lol boy I sure spiked I'm like what the heck.

I start with miso soup and then follow up with sashimi and seaweed salad.

I find I am OK if I avoid the rice (white or brown makes no difference) and starchy stuff. Unfortunately that means avoiding a large proportion of typical menus. It also means a more expensive meal, because the protein items are invariably more expensive - think sashimi versus sushi for example.

Yes, the dressings are made with sugar, the food is seasoned with sugar and even the tamago omelette is made with a little sugar but as I am T1 and have to bolus for protein anyway, I don't worry too much about the carbs in these as long as I don't go overboard.

One tip is to order two appetizer/salad type dishes as mains will always come with rice. I've managed to get assorted fishy things over salad, then there is also yakitori, or grilled skewers of meat and other tasty things. And tofu stuff is usually pretty low-carb too. I especially love the grated daikon radish that comes with the salads. It's crunchy and refreshing and low in carbs.

For more ideas I can recommend the Just Bento website. It's a fantastic resource for Japanese food and recipes and the blogger herself has blood sugar issues so understands the challenges involved.

Dual wave bolus is the only reason I can eat sushi. On MDI, sushi was impossible. I stick to same sushi rolls so I know exactly what to bolus for each one (it was a trial and error sort of thing). I avoid anything with a 'sauce' on it because those sauces are usually loaded with sugar. Between the sushi rolls and the miso soup, I usually can have a nice meal and feel pretty full.