JB and medal

Yes, I'm still around. Doing good in collecting letters from witnesses of my 50 year diabetes and their letters to get my medal. Life goes on with it's ups and downs but in general it is not too bad,

Hope you all do well!


Thanks JB. Good job in getting the needed letters. Glad to hear that you are doing okay even with the occasional ups and downs.

Thank you Terrie


JB , as the Interior Regional Chair of the Canadian Diabetes Association I proposed the question at the NAGM in Edmonton to honour those living with diabetes for more than 50 years . I know of 2 folks here in my area and of course our Terrie in 2011 !! It was Terrie , who planted the idea in my head. …all I can say at this time : stay tuned .

Congrats!!! Joslin will love to send a medal.

Hey Nel!! I was at my Endos last week and he mentioned that I will be getting my “50 Years With Diabetes Medal” next year. I said, “Ya, but I’m not going to Boston for MY medal”. He said, “No you don’t need to do that. They give out the medals in Canada also. Two of my Patients received their medals 2 years ago”. What?? After me complaining here? It’d sure be Nice if they’d let us in on it. So my Endo said that he would get me the info in regards to me receiving my medal. COOL!! :smiley:


Eli Lilly( for sure ) and NovoRapid ( not sure ) companies will , I think your Endo is referring to …someone responded to my suggestion at the AGM ; however I like to see CDA do as well .
Eli Lilly , I understand , states , that one has to use their brand insilin for a min .of 50 years. This would leave me out …I am on my third brand :slight_smile:
http://www.lilly.com/responsibility/servingpatients/outcomes/ click and scroll .
COOL is right .

Hi Johnben: :slight_smile:

Are you busy?? Since you are much closer to receiving your medal then me, did your Endo happen to tell you what company or organization is the one offering the medal to you?? The National Enquirer wants to know. j/k We want to know. Thank you! I hope that you are doing okay JB.

Hi Nel: :slight_smile:

I must say my Endo appointment was pretty chaotic last week. so I may have misunderstood what my Endo said about who the medal was coming from. I was trying to go over my test results and he mentioned about me getting the medal. I’m 90% certain that I heard him say the CDA was offering it. That’s why I was a bit shocked. But I may have heard him wrong. I’ll learn who it is later or if JB knows.

I do not think anyone but a small percentage of Diabetics still on the animal Insulin would be on the Lilly brand for 50 years. My Endo knows that I’ve been on many types. There was another Dr. in the room, asking me questions while I was trying to ask my Endo about Levemir and everything else. Lantus works Good for me but Holger and Gerri are quite convincing. My Endo slipped away for a minute and brought me back the Insulin pen, tips, Levemir, a rx and an appointment with a Nurse to learn how to use it. He said,“You have been upgraded.” Ugh! I didn’t want the pen or Nurse appt. (since I was on a pen before), just to ask about the Levemir. I will cancel appt. with Nurse. Anyways, the other Dr. gave me my Endo’s copy of my tests thankfully.

What an inspiration you are! Very encouraging to have living proof that one can live a long and healthy life with diabetes.

The medals are given by Joslin Clinic in the US.


Terrie, re your second paragraph, quote :" I do not think anyone but a small percentage of Diabetics still on the animal Insulin would be on the Eli Lilly brand for 50 years " ; E.L. is also the maker of : Lispro , Humalog Mix, pre-filled pens …maybe others as well ? April 2006 was the date Eli Lilly stopped producing pork insulin according to a google .
50 and more years using Eli Lilly is therefore still possible .

Thank you for getting back to us JB. So you will be receiving your medal in Boston then. I’m Happy that you will be receiving yours.

Sorry Nel. Yes, of course you are correct. I was thinking back to the old Lilly and animal Insulin today. Thanks!

We thank you for the Nice compliment Jan. I’m sure that your Niece will do even Better with you and your Sister’s guidance and care.