JDRF Fun Bands Available

Hi All,

I'm just posting this here for silly band lovers who want to support JDRF. JDRF sells the Sneaker 'Fun Bands' on their site here: http://store.jdrf.org/product.asp?product_id=379&category_id=12&subcategory_id=&category_title=&category_type=

However, you have to buy in quantities of 10 packs of 12 bands. Because I heard from a lot of people in the DOC that they didn't want to purchase that many at a time, I purchased a bunch and created a paypal page to sell the 12-packs individually. You can access this page here: http://www.askme-marketing.com/funbands

I am not making any profit (whatsoever) off this resell I just knew a lot of people didn't want to have to buy 10 packs at a time just to get the JDRF sneaker bands.

Thank you!