JDRF Funds an Artificial Pancreas

Press release from the JDRF on how they partially funded an Artificial Pancreas being developed by a South Korean company:


Thanks for the news, @YogaO. I was not aware of this effort. I think this is evidence that automated insulin dosing systems are adding competitors to the market, a good thing for people with diabetes.

Fascinating news! What does fast track mean? A couple of years?

I agree! The more the merrier! We all need choices and we all want and need different things in our diabetes tool box. Can’t wait to see how it rolls out!

Fast track basically means that the FDA will try and prevent roadblocks, as they are viewing this as an innovative advancement over current treatment methods.

The press release suggests a 2021 availability.

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And if all this effort and money were put towards developing an actual cure, we would not need artificial pancreas!