JDRF National features my book!

So excited to let you know some fun book news.

JDRF National has linked I Can't Cook But I Know Someone Who Can to their website! On the front page of JDRF.org you click on "other ways to get involved," or just check it out here. As you know, I donate 100% of profits from I Can't Cook to JDRF, but I'm thrilled to get this national attention for what's basically a local project.

This weekend, I took the kids to Barnes & Noble. They've seen my book on the shelves, and don't usually get excited about it anymore. This week, though, the new display got our attention. You'll recall my daughter is a huge fan of Ace of Cakes, so I had to take this picture:


Yep. Me and Duff - side by side. I said, "Wow isn't that cool?" Lea said "Yeah, but Duff and Ace of Cakes are world famous. You're sort of radio famous." I think she realized that might have hurt my feelings (I don't really have to tell you that, of course, it didn't) so she added, "Don't worry. Maybe your next book will be world famous."

Hey, it could happen. (Duff, call me. We'll talk).

Great work. Your kids must be really proud of you. And compared to the Krispy Kreme fundraiser, your book is politically correct!