JDRF testing Pod as part of artificial pancreas project

Anyone see the value added with this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vsnILMcfjM

Absolutely see the value added, in so many ways. To have a closed-loop system that does all the work for you automatically? That would save so many people from highs, lows, complications, death. Especially for those that are hard to control, small children, folks with bad eyesight or those less tech savvy or with less aptitude for constant adjustments.

Yes, there's lots of value in testing out this technology to make sure the software algorithms account for every possible variable, can auto correct, can auto-detect/repair system problems. Mind you, she's got a whole lot of hardware she's sporting on her tummy - will be nice once everything gets tested and approved, then the nano-engineers can do their magic and shrink everything into a nice small single unit or two. Yes, lots of added value.

Great info, thanks.

The head researcher for this JDRF project at Sansum just did an interview about it at diabetescare.net: http://www.diabetescare.net/content_upclose_detail.asp?id=447337