Jerry the Bear

PROVIDENCE, Sep. 22, 2015 ­­ Smart toy and health technology developer, Sproutel, today
announced pre­-order campaign for a new product, Jerry the Bear, which helps children learn about their health. Sproutel’s existing product, the first ever smart companion for children with type 1 diabetes, has reached 4% of children newly diagnosed last year. Now, Sproutel is expanding their product line to bring super fun, medical­grade education to all children.

Sproutel brings a new type of play to kids, helping them build healthy habits from an early age. Sproutel combines expert­approved content with play patterns that convey the best practices in nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mindfulness. Highlight features of Jerry the Bear include:

  • Blended reality. ​First of its kind play experience lets children see into Jerry’s world through
    the circular screen of an electronic portal.
  • Fun for all. ​Designed to help all children learn the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle with
    core lessons including nutritious eating, identifying feelings, tooth brushing, and much more.
  • Internet connected.​Jerry is the first teddy bear that updates
    automatically to grow with your child.
  • Customizable for type 1 diabetes and food allergies. ​Expansion packs
    enable Jerry to become a comforting companion that provides a depth
    of education and emotional support for children affected by food
    allergies and type 1 diabetes.

“Our goal is to leverage the power of play to help children live happy and healthy lives” said Aaron Horowitz, co­founder of Sproutel. “We call it play with purpose. In an age when toys teach kids about STEM, programming, reading, and more ­ Jerry is the first toy of its kind to help children understand their own bodies.”

Best suited for children ages 4 to 9, Jerry the Bear will be available to pre­order at $99. Sproutel has pledged 1% of sales to help fight obesity and hunger through the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC). Expansion packs will support finding a cure for type 1 diabetes through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), and food allergies through Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE).

To pre­order a Jerry the Bear, please visit:
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About Jerry the Bear
Jerry the Bear is a smart teddy bear that helps children learn about their health and build emotional intelligence through play. Jerry is born from cutting­ edge research in health games, behavioral psychology, and human ­robot interaction. Gameplay reinforces best practices in nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mindfulness. Jerry the Bear is designed, developed, and manufactured by Sproutel, based in Providence, Rhode Island. Jerry is also the first teddy bear to wish President Obama a happy birthday!

About Sproutel
Sproutel is an innovative healthcare design company who works with a team of medical
collaborators to build products that educate through play. Their first award­winning toy for type 1 diabetes was sold to 4% of children newly diagnosed last year and featured in 25% of pediatric endocrinologist offices in the United States. Sproutel developed Jerry the Bear in part with funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Media Contact
Aaron Horowitz
Sproutel, Inc.
+1 (914) 806­6514

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it’s the new Jerry! cool. I remember when you interviewed the creators of Jerry last year.

They have won lots of awards, and just a couple days ago introduced President Obama to Jerry

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