Job Requirements

I was in an interview for a job at my place of employment and I was asked if my insulin pump would be a factor in being able to do the job. (It is a delivery manager job, so I just route deliveries and manage the drivers), is this an exceptable question? I wouldn’t think so, and who would I talk to?

Thanks for any help.

Jeff, in my opinion, I do not believe you would have a basis for a legitimate objection, based on that question. The employer has the right to ask you questions on an interview to determine if you would be able to complete the tasks on the job safely. It sounds like this question was probably permissible. HOWEVER, once you have proven yourself qualified, then the potential employer cannot discriminate against you by refusing to hire you or promote you based on stereotypes or unsupported, unfounded fears about D and how it might affect you on the job.
This, among other reasons, is why I don’t disclose my D to anyone in the workplace, just in case. I was kind of forced to disclose it on my last job, which was a temporary appointment as a law clerk to a federal judge, and I felt like my judge treated me like a freak when he found out. He was worried I would not be able to do the job because it would be stressful and I’d have to work long hours. Boy, did I prove him wrong. He ended up being really pleased with my work. I have not forgotten that, though, so that’s why I’m private about it. People just do NOT understand D unless they live with it or care for someone who has it…
This is just my $0.02, and I have to say that even though I’m a lawyer, it’s not legal advice!! :wink: