Join the Crusade

One of our members, suebcool of Harrisburg, Pa. is a fellow guest blogger on, the blog of another of our members, Laddie.

In December 2013 Representative Carol Shea-Porter [D-NH1] introduced a bill into Congress, H.R. 3710: Medicare CGM Coverage Act, which provides for coverage of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems by Medicare if recommended by a doctor. At the present time Medicare does not cover CGM's because it considers them a "precautionary device." Anyone who uses a CGM knows that they are far more than that; they are a lifesaver.

Sue posted a blog today called Join the Crusade, and together with Laddie they have provided steps to contact your congressperson to ask him/her to support this important bill. I urge you to read Sue's blog and contact your congressperson. Together we can make a difference.