Joints bruising easy

I went to work today and noticed i was getting bruises without hurting myself. I would just pick up something and notice my hand hurt, when i looked i had a bruise and swelling. They are on my joints of my fingers and toes. very odd, but could it be from medications? Is brising easy for diabetics who are having hard time with control? I kinda am having trouble lately. My family is freaking out because they saw it happen once today, and thought it scary. Said to report it to my Dr. who i don’t see for 2.5 months.

You should call your doctor right away. It could be a med side effect. If you can’t reach your doctor, call your pharmacy. Pharmacists are well versed about drug side effects & interactions.

Are you taking aspirin, steroids or blood thinning meds? Vitamin deficiencies, Vit K, Vit C, Vit B12, folic acid, can also be at the root of bruising.

Called Dr and Pharmacy , sounds like it is gout in my joints. Will go to ER on Saturday and get it checked out. Dr. seems pretty worried. He called 3x today. Too much uric acid and too much sugar in my body, seems like i don’t want to let anything go. fun, NOT! Not taking aspirin or any other drugs for blood thinning.