Joslin Diabetes Center - Boston

Has anyone gone through a pregnancy a the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston? I currently live about 2 hours away and am considering seeing them for my second pregnancy. Long story short - I went through my first pregnancy in another state and I LOVED my diabetes team. But, I have since moved and I am not very thrilled with my current team and there are not many other going through a second pregnancy with a team that I am not comfortable with concerns me... Any input would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to send me a private message if you don't want to discuss publicly. Thanks!

I think Kerry Sparling used them for her first pregnancy -

Hi, I am using Joslin and completed their pre-pregnancy program as well. I am really happy with Dr Brown and the pregnancy team. My only complaint is that they are definitely overbooked and I ALWAYS end up waiting at least 1/2 hr past my appt time which is so annoying. The only time they have not been late is when I see the RN. Dr. Brown has been available over email to help me adjust my numbers though.

Oh, and paying for parking sucks too. It isn't cheap and then when you are there an hour longer than expected it adds to the annoyance factor.

Thanks so much for the response! Can I ask how often you saw them during your pre-pregnancy, and how often you will see them once you are pregnant? I currently live about 2 hours away and I'm trying to decide if its feasible to make the trek to Boston... Are you able to see all your dr's in one day (endocrinologist, OB/GYN, dietician, etc)? Sorry for all the questions but I really appreciate your feedback! :)

The MFM is actually in a different office, not far, but I don't know if scheduling would work well. They seem to be hard to schedule with.

I think the Endo at Joslin will work with your own OB or MFM though. For the Endo and dietician or any eye appts I have been able to group them together when needed.

In pre pregnancy I saw the endo every 4-8wks. Now I see her every 2-3wks in early pregnancy and I believe it goes to every 2wks in the 3rd tri and then once a week in the last 4 wks I think. So traveling that distance super pregnant could be taxing at the end.

Feel free to ask more questions!

Just wanted to update...I just tried to make a pre-pregnancy appointment and they wouldn't make an appointment because they said I lived too far. I'm really bummed out about this as I thought this was going to be my solution. I am really not a fan of my current endo office and it is the only one in the area...errrr