Juggling balls with DB. How Many are you juggling?

job, sport, kids, work, school, finances, health, diet, health checks, records, meds, needles, batteries, snacks (for hypos), shopping, emails, internet, facebook, forums, diabetes classes, holidays, recipes, feet, eyes, blood pressure, family, spouse, significant other, insurance, pharmacist, podcasts, books, blogs, strips, meter, insulin, alcohol, stress, anxiety, recreation…

how many balls are you juggling…

are you getting better at it?

Unemployment job search, exercise, dieting with a lack of food, no money for food, no money for utilities, no money for rent, no money for medications, no money for basic hygiene necessities, fighting with family who think I must be lazy since I haven’t found a job yet, dealing with a spouse who sometimes gets it and most of the time doesn’t, dealing with PCOS, dealing with Hypothyroidism, dealing with not having enough test strips, dealing with having adequate snacks in my purse and water to avoid going too high and low (due to dehydration), depression, stress, anxiety, hopelessness, idiots who don’t get it, money to keep internet going so that I still keep doing job searching, getting constantly rejected for jobs, endless 9 hour waits at the doctor’s office because I have no insurance, making the lines at food pantries, so that I can get what all we need, making sure my cat has food, not being able to get a hair cut because I don’t have money and it’s driving me insane, feeling like I’m just going to be homeless any second now, my eyes are doing this flashy thing again my ophthalmologist cousin warmed me about (who I can’t visit cus he lives thousands of miles away from me), no insurance, no care for eyes, no care for teeth, no care for my ovaries, no care for my feet, no money for laundry… I could go on and on… But now I’m just depressed, so I’ll stop. heh


Running a Charity, Working in fashion 4 Days a Week. Going into my 3rd year of Bsc Psychology. T1 Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Coeliacs, IBS, PCOS, Asthma and Just spent a week in hospital being tested for Cushings Sydrome. Results in the post

Just a few :slight_smile:

You know what though - I love my life and having diabetes makes me possibly the most organised person would know :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say that getting diabetes has forced me to take better care of myself, and if I hadn’t started doing that soon, all those balls would have been thrown into the ocean and I would have… I don’t know what. But that road was narrowly avoided.

I don’t know how much I can keep juggling, to be honest…

Hello all,
I hope things go north (better) for every one soon.

Hang in there Liz!

Let me ask a couple of questions. It sounds like you are doing so many of the right things but have you considered looking for a grant to go back to school from the government? Those grants include money for lodging and food from what I understand.

What about the government agencies? Surely there has to be something somewhere with all the money we send to Washington to get you some help?

You appear so young but we have Social Security for a reason, to help people who are having medical issues. Have you looked into that as a possibility?

I hope I am not saying anything wrong Liz, I am honestly just going through my list of ways that might be of some help.

One thing that concerns me is your mention of depression and hopelessness. From personal experience, you have to find a way to jump on that one hard because it can be a battle. What about the new health care bill? I realize alot of it does not kick in until 2014 or so but I believe some of it is already being enacted?

And like Domo below, please don’t be offended but…hug.

OldManInSc, I really appreciate your concern for me… but believe it or not, I have already explored all potential avenues, at this point… and I’m not going to rehash it all out here, in the open. I usually have to explain it all about 20 times every time I share about my struggles, and it gets a little much. Thanks, though. :slight_smile: And, don’t worry… I wasn’t speaking of clinical depression. :slight_smile: I know the difference, there, too.

Me too pet, in a way my diagnosis forced me to have a really good look at my life and get it in order. It has been a long and bumpy road but ultimately I have a direction and a purpose now that I wouldn’t have without my T1. If I hadn’t fallen prey to my Diabetic ED I wouldn’t have had the unique experiences I have and I wouldn’t be able to do what I do now. It was so so hard to get better but now I have I feel like I could do anything I wanted. And in a weird way having T1 makes me morder, not less, determined.