Just a bit sad, maybe mad... a little of both?

I’m crazy. I’m 49 and I thought I was menopause bound. Cycle was late and I tested. Not pregnant.
Started my cycle two days later after some strong stress from family members bickering. sigh… (remember special needs kids and stubborn hubby?) yup. Great combo. I miscarried. I’m angry that I didn’t realize and distance myself from the normal bickering mess.) I’m sad that I lost out on raising another sweet bundle. At least he/she is a little angel in heaven now. I’m still sad… I guess it takes time to get used to the idea that a little one wasn’t going to be a part of my life.
I’ve decided to deal a bit more strictly with my diabetes by going back to a previous lifestyle change with food. I went on a 6 month change with Dr Joel Furhman’s book “Eat To Live” I brought my numbers under total control a couple of years back. I left it to “eat normal food and deny diabetes.” I realize that is not possible. So I will make the change permanent this time around. I’m sure, I’ll slip sometimes… but I will get up and carry on.

I am so sorry about your miscarriage. Sending a hug ( ).

Thankyou Colleen.

So sad… I am sorry for your loss…