Just a clothes peg bag swaying in the wind

As I look out of out new french doors onto the back/rear garden I can see a pidgeon eating some bird seeds I threw out earlier he/she is now joined by severak blue tits,blackbird and how fantastic my own robin,as the rain falls the birds take little or no notice in it always looking out for those furrrrry creatures we can cats/moggies there are lots of names for them some not very nice for my cat that wondered in one day and decided to stay looks after me 24/7 here she is right now meowing asking for breakfast snuggling up to me scenting me with her nose hello smudge what would you like chicken fish beef lamb well I know for sure she does not like fish or beef and it has to be in gravy,the pigeon wish I knew how to spell has been joined by another one think it might be he/her mate someone told me they mate for life I guess some person out there will correct me if needed,all in all I have counted 17 birds pecking away now have my owm wildlife park here in my back garden whoops smudge is doing here lion stalking creeping very slowly low to the ground no need to worry well not a lot she has no teeth although her claws still work as she deemonstates when cleaning her self.
I bet some of you are thinking is that all he has to do all day and I have no answer to that just excuses severe pain gout lack of air in my lungs and a head full of family problems mom always told me I was a worrier not warrier I guess if someone tells you that enough times you come to believe i,time for injections and medication sweet thoughts twiddlemethumbs