Just a drop in the Ocean of life

Crows are croaking on the roof top opposite a whole bunch of them chattering away sometimes pecking at one another have no idea if this is a sign of affection or bullying, in our back garden a robin flutters down to the ground waiting for any silly worm to poke its head up to take a look at the wonderful sunny day, robins do better when someone is digging or generally gardening it must have been like this since we humans took to agriculture so robins have been with us a long time,these days cats are more of a menace to them our cat smudge hides behind the watering can stretched out now and then creeping a bit nearer.but I have never seen her catch a bird a mouse or even her tail as our dog use too,from being a quite neighbourhood at 5am to a crazy hazy place by 9am when kids go to school a lot happens, I see the wife off to work eat my breakfast she has prepared take all my medication and hopefully control my blood sugars through the day, laziness does creep in I might not eat my breakfast until 10am so insulin is late often I forget to take something or another and wonder why I feel so lousy, but that is all part of my life now from working 40 to 50 hours a week being dog tired sorry Benny to having all the time on my hands now and really doing nothing, if my arthritis is not playing up my blood sugars are high to getting puffed out just walking down a flight of stairs, how life can change in the tick of a clock, when my mom and dad did the deed and the first spark of life the first atoms came together did anyone envisage how my life would turn out,you have no control in being born and I have found you do not have much control growing up even now I am dependent of family especially the Angel God sent me 46 years ago, it could be well it is he or she knew what a total mess I would make of it, so it posses the Question is our life mapped out for us and no matter what we think we know good or bad you have little or no control over it, most of this rubbish is probably the medication talking I use to be so shy as a child that others took advantage of me bullying horrible as it is goes on everywhere not only at school but in a family life in the workplace the whole World over,what has this to do with diabetes frankly I have no idea less to say if someone or something has planned my life for please please give me a break I give in I surrender all I want is a peaceful life with loved ones around me.