Just a new model: Carbohydrates, Insulin, and everything else

Some people here might want to read this. I think its free for everybody.

The morals (maybe)

  1. A whole new model: Maybe it’s time that the ‘scientists’ (read: secular priests) stopped saying that we’re gluttonous and evil, and started taking hormones and regulatory systems into account.

  2. Stay away from sugars, high glycemic loads, etc.

Probably a summary of the above, aimed at ordinary people:

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Here’s another review of this publication.

The biggest complaint I have about the energy balance model or EBM is that it doesn’t help suggest successful nutrition tactics. Instead, the EBM leads to people, including doctors, concluding that the inability of patients to lose weight is due to the human moral failures of gluttony and sloth.

It appears that the carbohydrate insulin model or CIM is gaining ground. This model has allowed to embrace a better and healthier metabolism as I’ve lost weight, kept it off, significantly reduce insulin injections, all while increasing my time in range, and reducing glucose variability. All these factors contribute a lot toward a better quality of life for me.