Just a vent on life

sigh… I knew when I started using the dr that a day like this was coming. I just didnt expect it so soon. GRRR! TriCare loves me…not. Actually, it’s my wonderful husband “Stephen” that “forgets” to keep the DEERS forms up to date!(wonderful Reserves) Downside, I’m got enough test strips for him to forget for a few more days. Then, I’m gonna kiss him on the forehead and march into his commander’s office and tell “him” about Stephen and ask if there is any way that “I” can put those forms in order. ugh.
Meanwhile, back at the our house. In need of a new pump for our well and whatever to keep the pipes from freezing. No water to drink, flush toilets or do laundry til something decent happens around this place.sigh.
Could use new shoes for at least 3 of these 6 kids right now too.
On the good side; at least the bills are for the most part paid for this month. This too shall pass. (when I learn how to communicate better with Stephen.) I dont know when that will be. LOL! He loves me… he just doesnt listen to “mom’s” common sense! The darn pipes froze once last year… oh well it was cold honey and we live in the south…it’ll never happen again! right!