Just announced! A Rebrand and Social Media Re Launch for Omnipod!

I have been an Omnipod user since it’s inception over a decade ago. It was a larger half egg back then, but still a half egg nonetheless. Well, after sporting dozens and dozens of eggs on my skin, it looks like a little “scrambling it up” is in store!

A rebrand and re launch in the social media realm…Omnipod is aiming to connect more closely with its loyal user community…otherwise known as “The Podder”. Those green and white boxes you’ve come to love…get ready for a new look!
What are your thoughts? Will apps and other fanciful things help with your “podding?”

Here’s the scoop from Omnipod…

Let’s Get Social
OmniPod® is going social! In just a few days we will be re-launching our social media pages. We want to connect with you and help you stay in touch with the PodderTM Community. Watch for us on Facebook (/omnipod) and Twitter (@myomnipod)!
#myomnipod #wearepodders


You can catch the “Podders” video here.


Woo-hoo! My daughter is a happy and social Pod Person, and if I ever require treatment with insulin, I, too, will become a Podder!

Vive l’OmniPod!!!

Yes! Viva l’omnipod!! Such a great little dude he is!

We are podders since 2010!!! :grin:

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Does your daughter ever decorate them?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I like that… A “social pod person…”. Podders are awesome! I hope their new branding fits the "cool!":stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

She used to decorate them until the novelty wore off. She still uses Pump Peelz on her Pods on occasion. She always has matching Pump Peelz on her PDM (a.k.a. The Brick) and Dexcom receiver (the Dexcom receiver stays at home because she uses either her iPhone or Apple Watch at school.) I use the Dexcom receiver overnight because I no longer awaken to the alarms on my iPhone.

the Clare in the video is @Clare3

You’re right Marie that is me. I had the photo shoot done in December and it was a very long day but a lot of fun. I’m pretty glad with how it came out and love my Omnipod.


I know you do! and nice to see you back here for a visit!