Just as I thought

My very good friend, even a diabetic friend, had by pass surgery a year ago last month. She came home very excited about the doc releasing her…she had lost 98 lbs with only about another 100 to go. Saturday we were talking, and she said she weighed herself the day before now rather than losing 98 lbs, she’s lost 89 lbs…it took a while to sink in , but she was telling me she had gained 10 in the last month. She was back to feeling tired, drinking lots of water, wearing out, and she knew deep in her heart the diabetes monster was back. What would I do? Should she go and have it checked out, she wasn’t a very good diabetic to begin with, never took her sugars, never took her meds, and her PCP told her that if it came back after her surgery, she would probably have to go on insulin, which to her was death. All I could say, was check with your medical team. BUT inside I am fumming, whoever did her pysch for the surgery should have is license yanked…she doesn’t stick to anything for any great length of time…she is not in control of anything in her life. She went for counseling about 2 months ago, and because she made it out to be one problem and the therp said it was something else, she quit. The therp by the way was right…I am so angry about this right now, and it’s none of my business, except that she bought the hype about not being a diabetic any more, and it’s an easy way to lose weight. OMG, for the people I have known, it’s harder than the convention way of weight loss.

So, rather than saying I told you so, or anything of the sort, I am living by example. We have both lost the same amount of weight. I refuse to allow her to have any control over my mood, actions or diabetic control. That would not be fair to both of us, and probably would ruin the relationship. I just pray she snaps out of the "do nothing " mode and gets on the stick…cause I worry about losing another friend.