Just diagnosed with Type 2 - Help

Just diagnosed with type 2 & do not want to start on Metformin, yet.
I have controlled my A1C in the past by eliminating sugar, starches, bad carbs etc but now my DR says I am a diabetic & need to start on Metformin.
Here are my A1c readings:
August 10, 2018 - A1C-7.7%
May 16, 2017 - A1C - 6.0%
Feb 16, 2016 - A1C - 5.8%
May 22, 2015 - A1C - 6.7%
Nov 24, 2014 - A1C - 6.3%
Dec 27, 2013 - A1C - 5.9%
Mar 25, 2013 - A1C - 5.8%
Sept 15, 2012 - A1C - 5.8%
Feb 8, 2012 - A1C - 5.8%
Aug 18, 2011 - A1C - 6.2%
Mar 28, 2011 - A1C - 6.1%
Sept 7, 2010 - A1C - 5.1%
I know I can bring my A1C down with diet & more exercise & do not want to just give up to meds.
Hawaiian Surfer - Honolulu

Congrats on working so hard, for so long, on keeping the a1c lower!

You need to do something different now though. An a1c of 7.7 is too high. That equates to an average blood glucose of 174.

What changed between May 16, 2017 (and September 7, 2010) and August 10, 2018?

Diet, diet & diet. Plus an injury that kept me from surfing. Back in the water now.
Thank you for chatting…

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Metformin is a relatively safe drug what are your concerns?

If you resume activity and A1C lowers again, you could drop the metformin.

Are you doing daily blood sugar checks ?

@Hawaiian_Surfer metformin is easy to manage and you have the ability to lower or eliminate the dose based on your hard work and Dr’s recognition. Metformin is much easier than using insulin.

I have heard bad things about Met & just want to try lifestyle changes first …

Thank you for your response!

I control with diet and exercise only. I have an o line friend in Hawaii who has been successful control t2 no meds if you are interested

Yes, blood sugar checks now & averaging 112 for last 14 days. So much better then before DX by 80 points…

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Yes! I am back surfing, running the beach & lifting plus eating super good, finally…

I beige he his native Hawaiian he did loose a lot of weight now off meds

Nothing wrong with meds especially metformin if you need them

We put on the rice cooker in the morning after the coffee pot. Big problem for Hawaiians as rice is eaten at every meal…

I did not use to turn on my rice cooker until after works. LOL a No more rice.

I forgot to add Mike’s uses meyeyry2k as online name, I use Fraser

T2Tom told me about you. I am from Hawaii too! Hilo. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago. My A1c was 8.5. Diabetes was a wake up call for me. I lost a bunch of weight and changed my lifestyle. Low carb and high fat. Lots of exercise now. My passion is long distance cycling which the big island easily fulfills.

I started with Metformin on the doctor’s advice and as I was able to demonstrate I could control my glucose with diet and exercise, we dropped it. The doctor actually says I am in remission for now though I am still insulin resistant.

So, even though I am on a neighbor island, I am in the neighborhood! ~ Mike

Howzit Mike,
Thank you for sharing your story. I actually put on 2 triathlons here on Oahu & know quite a few cyclist on the Big Island.

I have lost 11lbs & cut all sugars, starch & hardest of all, rice out of my diet.

Also I am doing intermittent fasting & my glucose readings are 114 average for the last 14 days.

I am going to ask my Dr if I can stay off of metformin especially if my A1C drops to say 6.5.

I really am stoked that you reached out to me!

Thinking about retiring on the Big Island in a few years but still run my races from Hilo!

Maybe I will have to buy a new Cervelo & join you on some long rides!

Take care & a big Mahalo for your help!


Chris Gardner

I thought your name looked familiar. You promote many activities on Oahu. Good for you and thank you!

My uncle, Chris Bruns, lives at Sunset Beach. He surfs/windsurfs Backyards. Just curious if you might know him.

Chris Seymour runs Hilo Bike Hub here and he is, without a doubt, the best LBS person I have ever met. I hated bike stores before going to his store because they always seemed to “look down” on us uneducated cyclists as the unwashed masses. Chris educates and set me up with a just above entry level Specialized. Both of us were surprised at how much I ride. 5,000 miles this year so far and 4,700 last year. That bike is still going strong too. Just curious if you might have heard of him too.

Cervelo makes a beautiful bike though…~ Mike

I have known ‘Bruns’ (as we affectionately call him) for over 30 years! I used to sail big yards & revelations with him. One of the finest wood workers in Hawaii too.

Chris Seymour is an old friend as is his mom & brother Matt. I found out that his dad Brad passed away. He was very cool. Plus I understand Mellisa lost her house to Pele.

That is a lot of miles! I moved to Honolulu after I got divorced as my X got our North Shore house.

All good except it’s super dangerous to ride so I sold my Cervelo road bike & my Kuota Tri bike. I miss riding buts it’s just too dangerous in town.

Small world!

Keep riding & stay in touch!

Chris Gardner

How neat! I hope to meet you in person one day! Uncle Chris is a great guy! I am glad he and Dawn found each other.

Sorry you have joined this club,type2. You have done an amazing job. This is a progressive disease. So numbers will change. You may not always remain drug free. Explain your reasons to your doctor and make a plan. Good luck. Nancy50

the powers that be … would like us to believe that its a progressive and chronic disease … but its not … the tide is turning … i fully believe that diabetes is caused or brought on by diet … u are what u eat … that i believed in myself led to me lowering or reversing my ‘‘chronic’’ condition … current A1C is at 5.7