Just diagnosed with Type 2 - Help


as always YDMV. Glad @chjaqqa found a solution that works for them now, but I personally don’t think it’s an effective long term solution for many. The sheer number of complication variables and Diabetes subtypes would indicate that no one approach would be applicable to all which is why YDMV.


I can’t get near rice of any kind. One tiny teaspoon of rice will send my glucose levels into the sky boxes. I don’t know what it is about rice but it does me in. It is not just the amount of carbs in rice. I could eat 10 times the carbs in potato and wouldn’t come near the level rice gets me.

I try to stay away from all the starches but will have some tiny piece of boiled potato once or twice a year. But rice is a total taboo for me. Seems that some diabetics have different responses to different carbs. Never tried it but I think I could eat cake and ice cream without going as high as one teaspoon of rice.


hi … lates A1c is 5.3 as at 4th november 2018


@chjaqqa Congratulations!!