Just finished a 2 week Med cruise with Omnipod

Last night I returned from 2 weeks in Europe, 2 nights in Rome, followed by a 12 day cruise to Israel, Italy, Turkey & Greece. I am thrilled to be able to report that I had no problems with airline security or Pod failures. I never revealed that I was wearing a Pod at the airports I used in Rome, Dublin or JFK in NY. It didn’t set off the metals detectors. No full body scanners were being used. I was carrying 12 Pods in my carryon luggage & was never questioned about them when the hand luggage was Xrayed. I sunbathed with the Pod extensively without a problem as I wore it under my swim trunks so it wasn’t in direct sunlight. I swam in the ship’s pool & at the beach in Mykonos without a problem. I limited my time in the water at 10 minutes per dip. I never had a Pod fail. The only adjustment I made was to load more insulin into each Pod than I normally would knowing I would be eating more than normal. I carried extra viles of Apidra as well as insulin pens as a backup in the event I lost or broke my PDA. I found wearing cargo shorts while on ship’s excursions was the perfect way to carry my PDA, test strips & lancing device. Onboard the 7 hour return flight last night from Dublin I just used the restroom to test myself & bolus when necessary. Omnipod passed this test with flying colors! john

I did the exact same cruise that you are talking about. Mine was July of last year. I’m glad everything went well as did my trip. Who said you can’t live it up???

Great, thanks for the positive report.

I love hearing great Omnipod results like yours! Awesome!