Just getting started

I'm really just getting started with cycling: looking for something easy to handle after a hiatus of several decades. Meanwhile I'm tooling around the neighborhood on a one-speed to get used to being on a bike again. I've read a few of the notes about how to cover for the exercise, but I was surprised to find myself low all night after a ride of only 20 minutes last evening. Does that make any sense? (Granted I'm a bit out of shape and riding this bike is good exercise anytime you're not going downhill, but still...) Tomorrow I'll plan ahead and reduce my basal ahead of time - which I know I should have done. But for such a short ride, how long to reduce it?

And are there any other leisure riders out there? I'm not planning any major cycling, or trips to Alaska. (At least not this year!)

BTW, my CGM could not keep up with the drop, and I did not recognize the low, which just felt different from a low from walking or a non-exercise low. Luckily a pre-meal check showed 46...

Thanks! I'm excited to find this group!

Take a look at the Electra Townie. Great, sturdy confort bike for roads.

I've found that a good, long bike ride can affect my basal rates for a few days.

I'd recommend a Trek Madone 6.9, but that's only because its what I want but can't afford with 3 kids in daycare and a healthy mortgage. Without knowing any of your needs or desires, it is purely a selfish recommendation. ;-)

Welcome (back?) to the cycling ranks. I always recommend keeping an eye on your local craigslist site for bikes that interest you, whether you are looking for a mountain bike for offroad, road bike for speed and distance, or hybrid that you can use for running errands.

Thanks for your comments. I ended up with an Electra Coaster 3i: I'm the slowest thing in the neighborhood and on the bike path, but it's fun!