Just got a Free Meter Last Week and Tested Twice

Unfortunately, I really have to read up on what my levels should be, but just wanted to follow-up on previous posts. I got a one touch last Friday and tested at 4 pm and it was 138. I tested the next day around 10:30 pm and it was 108. I don’t really know what this means, but I have to look into it. My father who is T2 and doesn’t know what his levels mean either, tested at 10:30 pm as well and it was a whopping 248 or so.

Normal fasting levels are between 70 and 120. Two hours after eating under 140. (though there are different opinions on what is normal or good control for a diabetic, these are some guidelines to get you started.

Check our Jenny’s site (she’s a member at TuDiabetes as well) at www.bloodsugar101.com which has lots of helpful information!!! (and her book too!)

Thanks Kristin! Will do. I have been meaning to go to SugarStats as well.