Just got a new Tandem t:slim

… and I’m in learning mode!

Quick question for you all: There are a whole bunch of things listed in the Pump History category, such as TDD, Bolus, Basal, etc. How many days will the pump track? Since I’m brand-new, I only have a few in there right now.

Curious how far back it goes.


page 128 of the manual…90 days

I looked in the manual first, of course. On page 128 it says “at least 90 days.” I thought that might be an error (“at least” doesn’t make sense), so I decided to ask you guys here.

I guess they meant to say “at most”! Thanks.

I don’t think I have ever needed a number from more than a month back. Any time I am in a clinical trial, two weeks is all they look at and it’s the same with the doctors office.
But how much are you loving the pump?! I’ve had mine since November and absolutely love it. I am thinking so much less about my diabetes! It has been one of the biggest stress reliever for me. It was easy to set and easy to run! Looking forward to the next download later this year and then I can really stop thinking about it!
Hope it is everything you hoped for!

The time it keeps data will also be affected on whether or not you have the Dexcom G6 integrated. This greatly affects the amount of data that can be stored.
I use the Tandem software ‘tconnect Uploader’.
This uploads all the data to their website, so it is easy to view current and past data.

Good to hear, Sally. I’m actually not officially “on” it yet. Still connected to my old pump and still in learning mode for the Tandem. But the real move should happen very soon!

What were you using before November?

Good point, Hammer. I am still on G5 until Medicare approves the G6! So without the integration factor, is the data kept still 90 days?

My understanding is that it isn’t a set date where they delete stuff, it is that the pump only has so much memory, and that it should have at least that many days worth of storage. I could be wrong on this part.

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If you want to retain the data long term than you need to upload your pump AT LEAST
every 90 days to capture ALL data.

If you go past 90 days then at a certain indeterminate point in the future, the pump will reuse the memory space holding the oldest data to store new data.

Uploading weekly is a good idea if you want to actively analyze data and look for patterns on an ongoing basis.

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I was a Mini/Medtronic user since 1990. I switched to Tandem in 2014 but got a t/slim that did have all the bells and whistles. It didn’t have CGM connection or the ability to calculate a reduction in a bolus if under target. (Wasn’t happy about losing that option in my pump!). But once my warranty ended, I made the switch the the IQ and haven’t looked back. Really think so much less about my diabetes than I have ever been able to do. And I am eagerly waiting for the next download, so my little pump and CGM will handle everything!


Thanks, Tim and Sally. Appreciate all the tips. :slight_smile: