Just Got My Dexcom!/Sensor Insertion

I just got my Dexcom and my trainer, unfortuantely, will not be able to meet with me anytime soon. Did anyone else start using their Dexcom on their own? I wore one on trial for a week, so I’m not concerned with using the Dexcom overall. I just want to make sure inserting the sensor and transmitter are not too complicated the first time on my own. Any advice?

hi…everyone i’ve met on this network started on their own. At least i did it on my own. Just follow the instruction and watch the video…its simpler than you think and you will find that to be so after you do it on your own

I actually started it on my own also. It wasn’t difficult at all but I did read into the instructions a little too much. Don’t do it because I kept second guessing myself! Just read through the directions once and then when it’s time to place the sensor use the instructions with the pictures! These were much easier and more straight forward than having to read everything over and over again. It was my first time so I wanted to make sure I did it right so I read a little too much into it. But just relax when you do it, I got nervous for nothing. It’s virtually painless. I was inserting the needle and kept waiting for it to hurt and the pain never came! So my advice is to use the pictured instructions and just do it don’t think about it when your pushing the needle in. It’s the best thing I have ever used for my diabetes.

It’s a piece of cake, an intimidating piece of cake, but still a piece of cake.

It’s been a while since I did my first insertion, but I do belieive there are step by step instructions on the Dexcom site.I followed those instructions, carefully, and didn’t have a problem.

Remember to take a deep breath. You’ll be fine!

LOL, yes intimidating but definitely a piece of cake. I don’t have the instructions anymore but I remember when I received the entire kit it came with pictured instructions which shows all the pieces and what your supposed to do on each step. Very easy to follow.

Dexcom comes with a trainer?

I didn’t even know.

You will learn more than anything your trainer can teach you by reading the discussions here.

This group has helped me tremendously. They showed me alternative sites, which a trainer will not tell you about.

They have covered all different problems and issues that come up from time to time, that will be impossible for a trainer to predict.

This group here is so helpful, and so knowledgeable, you will be amazed at what you can learn from them.

Take the time to read some of the older discussions.

Good luck to you,


I started on my own as well. Decided I wasn’t going to wait around for a trainer to call me. One called me a month after I got my Dexcom.

I just went for it. The instructions seemed complex to me, so i read them carefully. But it gets easier - now i just pop one in super quick.

My daughter started the Dex about three months ago. I did the first insertion on my own - didn’t really know I had another option! HA! Anyways - best help I found was…You Tube! There are plenty of people who have made step by step videos and they really were helpful. Our first insertion was by the computer and I just followed a video and had the picture pamphlet from Dex next to me as well. My daughters endo asked who trained us and was shocked when she learned that I just went for it! You’ll do fine. Like everyone else has said it does get to be easy peasy, but I was shaking in my boots before I did my daughters first insertion. Breathe in…breathe out and push all at the same time. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club. The first one is a little scary the 2nd one is ok and the third you will be a pro. The youtube videos are great… it looks way more intimidating than it is. Enjoy your new Dex and have a great weekend.

Thanks! I appreciate this advice. I would be guilty of second guessing myself also.

Thanks a lot! I would not have thought of YouTube. I will definitely look there.

Thanks to everyone for the advice and encouragement!