Just had low crb "spaghetti"!

I have Celiac Disease, so use Tinkyada spaghetti. It works well with a lot of veggies and meat; used judiciously, I never spike with it.

LOL… If you are going to cook it in the micro, make sure you poke vent holes in the skin. Cooking it that way takes longer. I prefer to cut it open, because then I get a nice caramelization on the squash which adds depth to the flavor opposed to roasting it whole. (Which in fact would be steaming it instead.)

@bsc - LOL. If my wife only knew what was in that coconut curry…

@Trudy - I don’t think I have celiac, but I have been trying to eat like I do. I have noticed an improvement in my numbers because of it. I take it one step further and don’t eat ANY grains, or legumes. Primal lifestyle, if you will.

Aren’t these rice noodles? I presume they still have a fair amount of carbs, don’t they?

Bsc, Tinkyada Spaghetti Style Brown Rice Pasta–Yes, the label says “brown rice, rice bran and water.” I’ve long since given up any pasta with any white rice in it, or if the label just says “rice.” There are carbs: serving size is 2 oz/56 g dry," = 43 grams. The fiber seems to make it good on the glycemic scale, so a small serving of the pasta with meat, salad, veggies, works for me.

Funny! I cut it up into several large pieces, remove the seeds & steam it. Faster than roasting, but not as fast as the exploding mircowave method:)

Ya know, you can tell me that this stuff is a “substitute” for pasta. But, I used to make pasta from scratch, I not only have a hand cranked machine, I have an actual fggn electric machine. While I can certainly make wonderful dishes with spaghetti squash or bean sprouts, it is just not the same. So I am throwing down the kitchen mitt. I’m going to post a question for the chef over on his blog. How can you make homemade pasta that is both a true pasta and very low carb?

What kind of spaghetti sauce did you use? The jar kind spikes me.

I’ve seen pasta recipes using eggs & soy flour that claim to be passable. Bleech. Soy flour tastes dreadful. Pasta has to have the elastic properties of gluten to be pasta. There’s vital wheat gluten, but I haven’t found a way this works well without being leaden. Substitutes flours can’t replicate semolina no matter how many eggs or binders are added. Almond flour & flaxseed meal tend to fall apart when they hit boiling water. I tried to make spinach gnocchi using a tiny amount of wheat flour, almond meal, vital wheat gluten, spinach, grated parmesan & eggs. Was a disaster when boiled. Actually came up with a good spinach gnocchi recipe that’s just baked, but it’s not “real” gnocchi. Tastes great because it’s broiled in browned sage butter.

A good tomato sauce substitute is making your own using canned fire roasted tomatoes & roasted red peppers (from a jar). Add basil, oregano, fresh garlic, olive oil, kosher salt, black pepper & some red wine. Cook down & blend, or use a stick blender in the pot. Very delicious & far less carbs than straight spaghetti or marinara sauce. You can substitute vodka for some of the red wine & then add some cream after it’s cooked for vodka sauce.

I have 3 sugar pumpkins sitting on a table next to the kitchen waiting to be cooked. I love them and butternut squash. So, while in season I'll cooked about 10 total. Most of those are in the freezer waiting for pumpkin soup, low carb pumpkin pie, and maybe some low carb pumpkin almond bread!

Like you WDC, I roast the seeds with some sea salt and olive oil. I actually roast the pumpkins / squash the same way you do as well.

Ive got a bag of the shirataki noodles waiting for an idea, but so far have been short. The shirataki noodles come off a bit more Asain cuisine. Maybe Mobo tofu or something. I havent tried the spaghetti squash yet. Ill have to give it a whirl.

Now that my certification classes are over for the year, Ill get cracking on the pasta mix (be it calzone or spaghetti). Im thinking Bob's Red Mill Low Carb Baking Mix and WPI 5000 might be a good place to start. The low carb baking mix being the odd man out. There is also WPI 8000 that is more elastic like than the 5000.

I use the WPI 5000 with some almond flour to replace flour in country style gravy. That works like a charm. Boiling though is a different story!

I’ve never found an adequate very low carb pasta recipe. The vital wheat gluten may be a useful core in a successful recipe, but I’ve never found it. You can’t make pasta from a regular baking mix, it has to have enough gluten to get the right consistency. I’ve posted a challenge question to the Chef. Lets see what he suggests.

Im curious to see what he has to say as well. Although, I think this one is going to be a bit substitute game.

What Im thinking is the WPI as the bulk and the baking mix or something else with some gluten to it to just get the consistency were looking for. I just ordered some more WPI and what not so Ill play with it soon.

Please, please start the great calzone experiment. Fame, fortune & my undying gratitude await you. Bob’s mix might work for a calzone, but not for pasta. You know what happens when fiber hits water:) It’s a lot of fiber & has similar ingredients to net zero carb bread. Not much chewiness or density in low carb bread.

What I might end up doing is making multiple mini batches to see what works where, but the faux flour order is in, so Ill start playing when it arrives. =^)

If I can figure this out, it will just be repayment for your bisque recipe!

Deal. Some low carb breads have chicory root. Maybe that adds some heft, or maybe it’s there for more fiber. I was playing around with WPI & vital wheat gluten the other day. Rolls I made were horrid. You know it’s bad when dogs wouldn’t eat it. It had this funky off flavor, kind of stale tasting. I wonder if the WPI or gluten has gone bad.

LOL. They are the ultimate connoisseurs. "Why this roll isn't fit for a Dog!"

Curious about the flavor. I tend to toss in some flax or almond flour to give some flavor as the WPI is usually stiff tasting. Do those flours go bad?

Especially when their favorite snack is grazing in the cat’s litter box! Gee, I don’t know if these go bad. Didn’t smell off, but there was a stale taste. Had some almond flour in the experiment gone bad, but I may have used too much of the others. Stiff tasting–that’s it. Also somewhat flat tasting.