Just have to share what my daughter said today

Got home from work this morning to find my oldest daughter awake wanting her usual “Drink n Snack please Daddy”. I break out a treat for her Cinnamon Waffles and decide to eat my breakfast of a small bowl of cereal with almond milk,Take my shot and finish my bowl before her waffle is even ready. I hear a chastising voice say “Daddy you eat to fast, to fast Daddy.” I pop the waffles out of the toaster and plate them for my daughter. About 5 minutes later she walks over with her second she walks over and offers me half of her second waffle and say “Go take another shot Daddy. So you don’t get sick” I ask her “You know why daddy has to take his shots Mouse”. She replies “You have Diabetes and if you don’t take your shot you can’t play with me” she then finished in a hushed tone “and have to go to the hospital. I don’t want you to get sick again Daddy” This earned he a big hug I can’t believe she is starting to understand so much.

so sweet…

what a sweet kid, Jim. Aren’t they the most wonderful heart warming things ever?

She’s a little darling and it’s clear that you are her hero. I love reading about the sweet and funny things your girls do. Jim, you are certainly doing something very right in raising your children. You must be exceedingly proud of your babies. I don’t blame you one little bit.

that is adorable! And it is great that she can understand - just in case you need her to speak for you ever

Thanks for sharing that. I hope you take a moment to pat yourself on the back. I remember your blog when you were first diagnosed and how worried you were about what your children would tale from this – it sure seems that your daughter has received some positive messages about your care for your own health, Definitely non chance your children will take away the negative messaging you endured as a result of your mother’s lack of care. Good for you!!!

You can really be proud of her!!

She is my doll baby. Of course Violet, my younger daughter is now digging out my monitor and bringing it to me happily squeaking “Test sugar”

You can ask her what to do if daddy is acting funny or not waking up from sleeping. she will think for a moment then matter of factuality say " Daddy has Diabetes give him sugar" plan on working on 911 next year but right now she likes stealing my phone to much these days.

She has yet to see any scary lows she will ask if I am ok if she sees me snacking on her animal crackers or a bowl of ice cream. Still worry about what she will think down the road but more worry about her or her sister developing t-1 down the road, but worry about my wife to since she has PCOS and a Family history of type-2.

Everyday I am proad of my girls