Just in Time for the Holidays

Mike Lawson nails it again. Hopefully you will enjoy this as much as I do.


Thank you, Sarah, for posting this, and Thank You, Pookie (a.k.a. Mike), for this video! It is awesome sauce at its best!:heart:


Brilliant. I’ve already sent the link to some non-PWD people.

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To me, it’s always the social side of diabetes that trips me up. Most people just want to be considerate but with diabetes they don’t know how. They think if they offer you something from the “Forbidden Food List for Diabetics,” that they’re tempting and reminding you of the things you can’t/shouldn’t eat.

Mike’s reminder that we people with diabetes do eat everyday and lot of us are indeed grown-ups. Don’t pre-screen the offerings. Just offer it straight up! You want pie? Good, it’s my favorite recipe.

Nothing worse than being singled out and raising the D-topic in an awkward and usually ignorant way. And if we decline a food offering, just move on. Nothing more to say!

It’s amazing how much of this is common sense. Just treat us like any other guest!


i found the video annoying because even though the mom was being annoying, it’s more annoying to me to realize that people don’t realize how good they have it to have such caring family. the more caring your family is, the more normal you see the video, the more you can sympathize with that guy. if you come from a family of people who are not caring, who actually might be having fun making fun of you or are just ignoring you, then you will see how nice it would be to have such an annoying mom. it depends on how lucky you were growing up.

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