Just learned my A1C is at an 11. And I'm terrified



Try not to stress. I too am at an AC1 11. I was a bit freaked out too but this place (tudiabetes) is great place for info, resources and many people with first-hand experience and support.


Not to Worry! I know that sounds crazy, but im 50 have been neglecting my body for 50 years and now my body is breaking down. I have neuropathy - Sever Pain in both of my legs, cramping in all of my Muscles, having vision problems and a AC1 of 11. So I did some researched and found out about Interment Fasting. Did a 2 day water only fast, couldn’t do any longer really hard for me im a sugar Addict. And tried to cut out as much sugar as could, no more Sweet tea (1/2 gallon a day), Oreo or chocolate chip cookies (half a bag a day), cake (whatever was on sale at store) for the first week. The second week tried a water fast again could only handle another 2 days. Kept off Sugar only drank water, and started on a 18 hour no food only water - 6 hours feeding schedule. That meant i only ate between 12 noon to 6pm everyday and only water from 6:01pm to 11:59am. I snuck in 3 small meals, tried to keep sugar to a minimum hidden sugar in everything had to start reading labels. Kept it up for the next 3 weeks, did a A1C blood test and saw my doctor. The results from one month of intermittent fasting, my A1c went from a 11.4 to 9.1. My doctor was shocked and told me to keep doing what i was doing it’s working. Now I can take my dog walking only about 20 minutes (With Out Pain!). Started to workout again lifting weights only 20 minutes (But No Pain or Muscle Cramps). Its Challenging with this new style of eating but it’s working. I suggest going on youtube and checking out Dr. Boz, Dr. Mindy Pelz, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Sten Ekburg and Beat Diabetes! youtube channel. Those guys help me a lot. Hopes this helps. Don’t Give Up! diabetes is curable with a lifestyle changes


Be careful saying things like this. Diabetes is not curable. Lifestyle changes can help treat it, but not cure it. Not to take away from what you are doing, but an A1C of 9.1 is nowhere near normal or cured. You likely need medication I’m sorry to say.


30 days into a lifestyle change and at a 9.1 A1C I’ll keep updating to c if I can get better results in the future.


That’s a great result (and welcome to TuD by the way!). We’ll be interested to hear how it’s going. It is true that diet and exercise can make a big difference with T2, and with T1 for that matter. But as @Scott_Eric says, “cure” is always a loaded term around here and best used with great caution because, unlike the popular media, we try to be very precise about what our terms do and do not mean. For instance, a lot of people with T2 who get down to a good BMI and change their diet to eliminate high glucose foods and the like are able to get great A1C’s and even stop taking any medication. Which is terrific! Is it a “cure” though? Well, ask this: if they stopped doing those things, went back on their previous eating habits, stopped the exercise etc., they would be right back where they started, yes? So those improved behaviors are a treatment, but they don’t eliminate the underlying disorder. Saying they’re a “cure” is like saying insulin is a “cure” for Type 1. Well, only if you don’t stop taking it, right?

I absolutely don’t mean this to be discouraging—it’s just a matter of being precise and having clarity. But it looks like you’re on a great path, and it takes a lot of discipline and self-care to get the results you’re getting. That is absolutely the kind of effort we are all here to support and encourage among ourselves. Glad to have you with us!


…and if you are able to maintain an A1C of around 5 with lifestyle changes alone, all power to you! My concern is people thinking insulin or metformin are dangerous, when in fact both are very safe (the body produces and needs adequate insulin, whether injected, self-produced or both) when used correctly and save lives. As a type 1 I have no choice, but I think it can be more dangerous for type 2s because many can walk around with elevated A1Cs for years without dying, only to be seriously damaging their bodies and long-term survival prospects. The word “cure” as @DrBB pointed out is unhelpful, and actually dangerous because I think some, whether you are included in that group or not, do need medications and will forgo them thinking it’s all a conspiracy etc. etc.


I have been there. On the next visit 3 months later or so, I brought it down to 7. 7 is my usual a1c now when I visit.


I take cinnamon with my metformin and it does help. It dropped mine from 7.0 to 6.1 in three months.
The other thing is lots of healthy protein such as yogurt for your snacks or along with your meals and snacks.


Welcome to TuD @Vstarmommi. Well done with reducing your A1C to 6.1.
I’m glad cinnamon is helping you, how much do you take?


My Apologies for using the word cure. Not my intention to offend, deter or mislead. All the research I’ve done, says intermittent fasting works to reduce A1C levels. I see my doctor every month ill try to get A1C tests as well, i think normally they like to test every 3 months. I’ll post results as i get them. I found this
www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU3A-8-NfZg please check dis out it’s enlightening. Hope this helps


Totally get that. Your program is working for you, clearly, and your enthusiasm for it is a great asset. Glad to have you among us!