Just me ... frustrated to no end

I’m sitting here at the computer when I would love to be moving and doing something else.
UGH> Why? cuz I want to catch the emails with Stephen (hubby that is deployed.)
Problem? I sit here and want to munch! I’m totally bored. I’ve graded all the kids papers and now I am just plain, really bored!
I don’t need to be putting anything in my mouth!!! sigh… What can I be busy with instead?
sigh… whine,

There’s always hulu.com

huh?What’s that?

hulu.com is where you can watch a lot of tv shows with very little commercials interruption…check it out. That’s where I spend my time when I can.

I hope you worked things out… I have some papers for you to grade if you want. How about a nice walk in the woods, or beach or downtown tomorrow? Biking, hiking, climbing? I hope the hub returns soon. Hang in there.

Thankyou Todd:)
I’ve got a long wait. He left in March 09 and will return sometime in Jan.2010. sigh…
We’ve already heard the whole squadron will leave again May 2010.
I’d love to walk in the woods… I fear swampland. (I wish we lived where more “solid ground is!”) hmmm… Buy me a bike for Christmas? LOL! and 6 more for the kids:)Grin… You got me laughing :slight_smile: Thankyou. I could just see me trying to just go walking … all the kids with as no one will watch them. Mom, Mom, (6times) BUY ME THAT and THAT and That… LOL!!!
I am looking for every email he sends. That man has me hooked. :stuck_out_tongue:
I would love to live in Idaho or somewhere that has lots of wide open mountains,rivers and valleys… ( I can dream.huh?)

drinking water, doing some jumping jacks, or heck watching t v with some sugar free jello