Just off the phone with Henry Anhalt about Artificial Pancreas Features

Then the app runs on one of the platforms Gil DePaula suggested. An iPod Touch is $200-ish now, while, if I recall correctly, the PDM for the OmniPod system was $250 at least, and the monitor for the Dexcom 7 Plus CGM was also at least a couple hundred dollars. If the same device could cover both needs, then it would be a considerable cost savings.

The Insulet PDM costs $500. Any of the alternatives I suggest costs about half (or less):

1) If you already have a smartphone or phone-less PDA, you only spend say $50 for the app.
2) If you don't own one, you can buy one for $200 + app $50 = $250.

I love what Insulet has brought to the pump market but the often inexplicable pod fail rate is disturbing. Hopefully the new pod design
will prove more reliable.

I think an Artificial Pancreas combining the Omnipod and the Dexcom would be great... as long as they improve the accuracy and performance of the Dexcom. I've had far too many large differences between the Dexcom and my blood sugar readings from the Omnipod. And I've also gone several hours w/ ??? on the Dexcom. The Artificial Pancreas wouldn't be able to function w/ readings completely wrong or non-existent.

I was at a JDRF presentation in our area that focused on current research in general and the artificial pancreas project in general. The presenter reported that at least in the UVA project, they are using a next generation Dexcom which is not yet available on the market. The presenter commented that they have been very impressed with the next generation Dexc

The problem with one integrated wearable device (pump + CGM) is that the sensor can go 7, 14 or more days, while the pod only holds insulin for a few days. The user would have to remove and throw it away after running out of insulin, wasting several days of additional sensor days.
The solution is to have a central device (reusable), where the pump and CGM modules get plugged in. That way, you can potentially unplug the module that expired while keeping the other running for the remaining of its useful life.
Pancreum has the patent for that modular/expandable design. ;)

Very nice larry!! I wonder what the name of that one is? Also, I wonder if the next gen dex will go into the combo omnipod/dexcom product? My endo says that the Omnipod controller is actually half empty, specifically for that purpose of housing CGM hardware. Don't know if its been submitted to fda yet, however...Anyone know?