Just saying Hi... Not HIGH

Been a while since I have posted so I thought I would just say HI ...(not HIGH LOL) I was just reading some other posts on here and I was thinking "WOW these people Rock!" I gain such inspiration from the things I read here and I have such compassion for others.

The human spirit is an awesome and amazing thing. I just hope as I grow older that I can be nearly as great as others here and in other blogs I read. I just want to "do well" in life. I am not looking to make any big splash or do anything amazing necessarily, I know that I am just some dude getting by in life and I am just fine with that. All I really want is to make a good impression on those people I come in contact with and hope that when I am gone my name is remembered well.

I truly hope that in some small way the help I give and the efforts I make can provide all of you the small comfort you need. If there ever was a day that "I can't do this Diabetes thing anymore" I know that I can turn to this community of people and get that needed support. I see it daily here for others that are just "done" with it all and reach out to this site for a word of comfort. You are all awesome and deserve and VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE!

I once read a very inspirational quote that said "Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections." (not sure who said it but it was good)

My life, like many of yours, is full of imperfections. I just choose to do what I can each day to be HAPPY. The people around me in my life would probably all say "He is ALWAYS smiling about something." I was told to "Smile it makes them wonder what you are thinking" when I was young and I just think I will keep it up.

I hope your day goes well.

Agreed. Great outlook on life! Thanks for checking in.