Just Sent my Navigator back to Abbott


I just completed my 30 day money back period with the Navigator. I have sent the Navigator back for a refund. Why? Because 5 out of the six sensors did not even last 5 days. They all became detached even with over tape plaved over the sensor. I found this very frustrating for a CGMS that was highly touted. At this rate I will go broke purchasing sensors.

My misfortune could be your luck! I have two remaining unused unopened sensors. I will gladly sell them to anyone who needs them . Also, if you want to talk diabebtes I have had type 1 for 52 years. My opinion instead of putting all of this money into CGMS and all the other devices that let us monitor our illness, spend the money on a cure.

I was thinking of getting one, maybe now I’ll think about it a little longer.
How much did you pay for it ?

I was not a fan of the MM CGM after fighting for it through several appeals.

I gave up.

Not accurate enough, painful site, I over treated lows, because once sensor went low took a long time to return to a normal reading.

The only time I liked it is when it flatlined, but then of course I was not eating or moving and I can get flatlining from my meter. Plus I was always testing with my meter to see if the CGM was accurate. The thing drove me nuts and seeing highs when I was high and it was one of those hours on end high, and that being in my face just made me sad.

I want the thing to be accurate and I want no pain from the site, just my take

Sounds like the CVS True Track I have. It is the only one they will let me have on my plan. I throw so many of the test strips away, because they don’t work. I get reading like 250, then I take it a minute after, and its 120.

I am trying to get my doctor’s office to put through for test strips for the Bayer Contour I originally have, that works great. This is going to be a big battle.

I paid $2,000 for the receiver and transmitter. The sensors come 6 to a pack and they cost $750.00. The problem is that Abbott works through medical supply distributors who sell them at various prices. But the distributors will not tell you the real price unless you place an order. They do this because they have contracted with insurance companies to be paid according to the contract rate. If you have a deductible you would like to know what it is you are going to have to pay. Most of these distributors do not care as they all state,"… you have insurance what does it matter." At lease with Dexcom you are purchasing the sensors directly from Dexcom at a fixed price.

My issue with the Navigator was simple, I exercise two hours a day and perspire quite a bit. If my perspiration keeps the sensor from adhering what is the point of using the Navigator.


I don’t mean to be rude but this is the forum for Continuous Glucose Meters not for glucometers. If you want a new glucometer I would be happy to send you one for free. I have the Aviva from Roche, the One Touch and a few others. I get them for free from my insurance company.