Just Spazzing at midnight

I hate the G6 alarms.
I’m running off the phone. Its been a while since I run off the receiver.
I don’t recall - are the receiver alarms quieter and less like a nuclear bomb is going off?

OK. I answered my own question after eating a snack.

How long have we had all these alarm options? A long time? Since the recent app updates? This changes my whole life.

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The alerts available on my phone are
urgent low
urgent low soon
rise rate
fall rate
signal loss
no reading

There are also scheduled alerts like for nights or weekends. I haven’t updated my dexcom app since I got my new phone last fall.

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Mine has a bunch of different alarm options for these different events.
I wonder how long I have been living with the nuclear bomb alarm without need.
This is much, much better.

I can tell what the alarm is for without physically picking up my phone.

The original alarm was the bane of my existence.


I use the G6 receiver and have certainly slept through its alarms.

I usually have my receiver set on “hypo repeat” profile with 70 as the low limit and 160 as upper limit.

If the thing sees me trending towards 55 it goes into not just repeat every 5 minutes, but just continually buzz and beep and that will generally wake me up (which I guess is a good thing).

But sometimes I will widen the upper alarm range overnight to reduce high limit alarms if I am bouncing between 159 and 161 and am just too tired to deal with it.


I don’t know if the phone works the same way as the receiver.

I’m not sure it’s documented (I never read the manual) but there are three base receiver alarms:

1 Beep/1 Buzz - for non-bg related things like “signal lost”, “your sensor will expire in 6 hours”.

2 Beeps/2 Buzzes for going over high limit.

3 Beeps/3 Buzzes for going below low limit.

AND in addition to the above there is catastrophic continuous buzzing and beeping if you are headed downward toward 55 in the next 10/20 minutes.

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And, I guess there is no way to disable this one or at least reduce the sound on the iPhone? The only way I can sort of diasable it is by inserting a headset to the iPhone, and then I can still hear it!

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ooooh, that’s a good idea.

It has the option of a police siren and a crying baby - those are the most annoying alarms. But, there are some subtle ones that I can sleep through, like the doorbell. I hear them, but they don’t wake me up in a rage, like a bear, on a rampage.


I use crying baby in loud\noisy environments for that very reason


I find the truck siren to be the least annoying yet still effective alarm for when I’m sleeping. I sleep very deeply toward the beginning of the night, and I even somehow sleep through that one sometimes.

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These different alarms are fantastic. Ill try the truck.
I feel like I intuitively know how to adjust my basal, now, with varying alarms.
It doesn’t require as much conscious effort and I don’t have as much alarm fatigue.
I get in the habit of just ignoring alarms. A little variation goes a long way.

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@Trying - If you must there is another way to disable sound.

Cut the headsets / earbuds off an older (wrecked) pair, so you only have the plug part to insert into the phone.

Silence is golden :clown_face:


Great suggestion! I didn’t think of that!

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I too found the phone Alarms to be very ungratifying at night. I use the receiver it has two-tone levels for each alarm. And I also put it under my pillow for two reasons. One to muffle it somewhat and the other to make sore it’s in range. I found laying on the Tx and having the Rx on the nightstand it would sometimes go out of range. Never out of range under the pillow

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disable this one or at least reduce the sound on the iPhone

I’m thinking of jailbreaking my phone or using the xDrip app because of this (G5 app experience). My iPod is always with me, and on the table next to my bed. I never have screaming children around to cover up the sound (no children). And I am sensitive to noise, so the damn beeping probably sends me low!

(Does the FDA understand that T1D might be correlated with sensory/semi-autism problems [neuro-immune possible link]?)

I have my dexcom ap and my t connect ap and my pump.
I put my phone in another room at night.
But I can hear the cascade start if I’m out of range.

First I hear the dexcom alarm. Then a few seconds later the t connect alarm. And finally my pump.
When I clear it on my pump it silences the others.

I kind of like how I have it, it’s like an earthquake early warning system for blood sugar.