Just tried the dual wave

I ate pizza so I wanted to test the dual wave but then I got in the shower after eatting and suspend the pump did it suspend my bolus as well since it a dual wave or is it still going to delever over time its suppose to ?? I’m worried that maybe I should just go ahead and bolus for the other half the was dual waved cause on the status screen it’s not saying anything about dual wave ??

SOOO CONFUSED I hate trying to use the dual wave

Not sure what brand pump but if you suspend it and then resume. Mine states on the screen active bolus.

If it’s a MiniMed - mine stops the bolus. I use that all the time to stop a bolus when I change my mind. If a MM, there will be a circle in the upper left area if it is doing something, not if it isn’t.

On my Animas pump - When your pump is suspended, the current bolus (combo or otherwise) is cancelled. After you reconnect you can go into the history to see how much was given and what amount of the combo bolus is left to be given. Then you have to go in and start another combo bolus for the remainder.

When your pump is still delivering insulin corresponding to the “second” (square) wave (the one that is spread out throughout the time period you designate) in the Minimed at least there’s a little circle near the top, as shown in the photo below:

If your pump is suspended the little circle will appear filled (black).

Hope this helps.

Thank you … I think it did suspent the bolus ughh… it’s a minimed 523 I think it’s the newest one but I’m sure.
Thank you guys

I just went ahead and test and my sugar is normal actuall to low for how much active insulin i have so I’m just not gonna mess with anything and see what happens

Mine always has the circle at the top tho I thought maybe it’s bc I have patterns on for my basal or something my endo asked why it was on too and I hardly use the dual wave so I dont evenk now why it’s always on lol

mine is a Minimed too,how long after the actual bolus command did you suspend,and how long did you set your square bolus to be delivered for,if you suspended before the whole time has ended,then there is a portion left.