Just wondering if anyone knows

As I mentioned in my last discussion that I had a miscarriage at 18 weeks (although Dr thinks the baby stopped growing at more like 16) in May 2011. I am wondering, now that I have had a regular period again and am approaching getting my second one…can I be pregnant again so soon? Is that even physically possible?

I know that the Dr. said go for it with regardsing trying again immediately, but I just wonder if it’s actually possible that it could happen that quickly or if my physical feelings are just imaginary bec that is what I want more than anything (to be pregnant again).

Your help & advice is greatly appreciated.

I had a miscarriage way earlier…6 weeks and ttc after 2 periods later and got pregnant 3 months later from trying. Not sure if your case is more serious or not… good luck.

We miscarried last Fall at 9 weeks. Got pregnant BEFORE my next period… three weeks after the D&C. So… in my case, it’s a yes. We got pregnant right away. Now carrying a 37-38 week baby, due to be born this week. Good luck to you.

Miscarrying is horrendous. I couldnt imagine going thru it so late in the game, like 18 weeks. We had a threatened miscarriage with this baby at 17 weeks, but she’s okay and everything is great so far.

Being that you miscarried so far along, they might ask you to wait 3 months before ttc again to give your body time to recouperate. Many women who carry their babies, then conceive shortly after end up on strict bedrest for the entirety of their next pregnancy.

Thanks Marps for your information & support. Thankfully when all of this happened, we were told that we could try again immediately (once my period happened again of course). So basically told to wait 1 full cycle. I did, that happened in June and now I’m awaiting my July cycle to begin, but it still hasn’t. I’ve taken a home preg test and thus far it’s showing negative. Called OB office today and was told by nurse to “hold tight” and “wait longer”. She said if period still doesn’t arrive we’ll do a blood preg test instead as home preg tests are less indicative.

Congratulations and cannot wait for your little bundle to arrive. I’ve been reading this blog since I found out I was pregnant last time and am so excited for you and everyone else.

Oh that’s great news! It took 4-5 weeks for the at home tests to show a positive for me. :slight_smile: I just KNEW I was pregnant tho. Just had to wait to see the proof. Good luck to you!! Such a scary and exciting time!

Sadly it turns out that this entire conversation was just for information seeking. I am not pregnant. I am actually pretty pissed to say the least. I know it’ll take time. I know it’s not something anyone can truly control or fully plan…but I just want it so badly. I wanted it so badly before and now that I’ve been pregnant and had to suffer a miscarriage and go thru all of that loss, I just want to be pregnant again so badly.

I feel like I’ve been robbed all over again. I don’t that that makes sense or not, but it’s how I feel.


I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

In march we conceived on the first try using Clomid. I miscarried at 5 weeks so not nearly as far along as you were and it was/is horrible. We were given the go ahead to try again right away and we just tried round 2 with clomid. I am at day 42 and no period and negative pregnancy test.

I assure you I understand how you feel robbed again.

Sally I can not imagine how hard two miscarriages would be.