Kayaking in NJ


Yep, my son Ryan and I tried kayaking Sunday- something we both always wanted to try since we saw kayakers on the bay down in Stone Harbor and watching too many Discovery Channel shows! No whitewater for us yet!
We found a little place in Princeton, NJ right on the Raritan-Delaware Canal that rents canoes and kayaks- very reasonable and alot of fun ! had a great time - we paddled for an hour and a half up the canal which was clean, fairly pristine, all the way up to Lake Carnegie and back. Saw alot of wildlife- it was very peaceful as well a decent workout - thought I’d be sore - but nothing ! ( all those hours in the gym must be paying off)

We are already planning on going again next weekend and already looking at buying our own kayaks so we can bring them down the shore next summer - (all you Jerseyites know what “down the shore” means) For everyone else, if you live in NJ and go to any of our fabulous beaches, you are “going down the shore” also, once you are there, you are not “at the shore” you are “down the shore” Ok , enough for now!