Kayla Brown

“My name is Kayla Brown and I was diagnosed in March 2009 with type one diabetes in a small town in Ontario, Canada. I was eighteen at the time and was taking a year off between high school and college. If there was ever a good time to be diagnosed with type one diabetes, this was it. Since being diagnosed I decided that I was given type one for a reason, which seems strange considering injecting four times a day, counting carbohydrates and pricking four plus times a day doesn’t seem reasonable.

I began writing a blog after I left the hospital. Well, it wasn’t a blog per say at first, but more of updates via Facebook. Eventually I turned it into a blog, which I have maintained in the past five years. Along with my involvement with the diabetes community, I started to do motivational speaking which lead me to meeting amazing people living with type one diabetes in my community and beyond.

I wanted to bring humour to type one diabetes because as much as it is a daily nightmare at times, there are moments that only people with type one diabetes understand. This idea came to life when I created Type 1 Diabetes Meme page on Facebook. Soon after my friend Meredith who also is a type one diabetic joined the team and ever since we have been making people laugh around the world.

My two most recent achievement with type one diabetes is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with a group of type one diabetics from around the world as well as representing Canada at the International Diabetes Federation in Melbourne Australia. As much as type one diabetes has made me cry, stressed, and frustrated, it has also given me memories, experiences and friendships that I otherwise would have never stumbled across.”

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