Keep your religion out of my science

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Here are some beautiful pictures that I took of HUMAN EMBRYONIC KIDNEY CELLS which I use on a weekly basis for your viewing enjoyment…


Ooo, stunningly beautiful!

The shots are fantastic. From an artistic perspective, you do great work!

Of course, I also agree 100% with your title!

Ohhh, where are my paintbrushes!

Quite frankly your attitude is not helpful. It is just the opposite position of the religious fanatics. The argument “we can use the embryonic cells of abortions because they will vanish anyway” is wrong. It is like arguing the rape was okay because she was murdered later anyway. I do not oppose your work. But I oppose the egocentricity expressed in your blog. German history is a great reminder that lines must be drawn here. Society has a right to do so and science has to respect that. There is not just religion as a motive but moral and ethics and if this does not count for scientific work then society must intervene. I just hope you follow the guidelines of your ethical review boards. Yes, you have to battle over it, fight for your work, for the arguments to validate your claims. It is painful and I read your pain between the lines but please recognize that science has responsibilities too. Most people do not know or understand what you are doing in your work. Please do not express that you do not care for their concerns. This will just create distrust and this will hurt science and your work in the long run. In Germany we have very restrictive guidelines for the work with stem cells. This has led to some interesting discoveries with adult stem cells - a good reminder that restrictions can have a positive influence on the process of cognition.

I am writing a blog now about adult stem cells and creation of stem cells from normal cells. We revert the cells using the same oncogenic transformation (by lentiviruses) that is found in the majority of advanced and meatstatic tumors.

“Your morals are your morals, not mine.” I will start to care about their thoughts when they take the time to be educated about the topics. Thank you for your post I have another dozen topics to blog about now.