Keeping a relationship going these days

So I am very close to giving up on trying over and over again to make a relationship work…maybe it is me maybe it is her…I do not know. With the divorce rate increasing and babies being made, where has all the responsible girls and boys out there in the world? Did I loose my mind or was I born in the wrong era? My point is that I feel as a guy that I am screwing up a relationship and feeling guilty because things did not work out. Maybe I am being selfish to ask for a woman? Maybe I am asking to much not to be cheated on or not argue but talk things out, or maybe i just move too fast? Society has me wondering all the time…am I moving too fast? How fast is too fast? All these books say one thing after another and yet when it comes down to trying over and over again I am at a loss. We are here to re-produce and yes it seems everywhere I turn a guy has to call a girl a hoe or a …you get the picture…and then Girls have to call guys bad names too… Feel like I do not belong in this maddening hate of our society, filling our heads since we were kiddo’s with the want to have cars and clothes and if you don’t have this your ugly…its NUTS! Society has got my head all jacked up to question my own self!!! Now even though i understand to not set the poll too high and not expect detail to detail out of a female its hard to find a single Woman these days…Don’t get me wrong ladies I know it is hard to find a man too…but I am a guy and not looking for a man so not talking about that !) I look and see teens with babies, girls who have been raped, party girls, drug girls, drunks that do not care about upkeep…Where did all the fun but controlled, smart, conservative WOMEN go? I do not mind drinking or having wine night or her working late hours, or going out on girl nights, as long as she takes care of me herself and her education and her job. And of course I do the same too. Maybe I am asking too much to find someone like this?

Your input is welcome.

I am a single “good girl” who like to have fun…We are out there!!! Maybe your just looking in the wrong place. Have you tried meeting girls in bookstore or coffee shops or the office, etc…What is your approach to women? Are you moving too fast sexually? Because that is definitely a way to show any woman that you are not someone they need to take seriously. Are you moving too fast in the relationship which scares someone away? That could make someone feel like its not them you want but maybe the circumstances. Sometimes people just want to be a part of something so bad that it doesnt really matter who it is with. Finding a good partner is very hard these days with a lot of things being socially accepted like the things you mentioned before but it can happen. I think you just need to change your approach on the whole thing and wait. I know it sounds like a cliche but it is true the minute you stop looking there she is…Just take the time until you find her to get yourself in the position to be ready for her…And whatever you do please do not compromise your standards for someone who will not appreciate it or you!

Ive meet girls in coffee shops and such…I have tried both with the Sex topic…both slow, mid and fast…I understand the fast ideal !) Yeah…your right about the whole waiting thing… I just hope I notice her when she comes walking by. I can sometimes get wrapped up in work and school to notice anything around me. Sounds like you have the same thinking that I do…" It is hard to find the right person now adays." Well thanks !)