Keeping it together! (Pt.1)

So, I tend to misplace things, like my keys, and my meter, and sometimes it takes me an hour to find them. I hate that!

So, I needed something to keep me more organized with my testing supplies while I'm on the go.

I don't know how many meters I've left at a restaurant, or the roof of my car. But I'm tired of buying them, and now my meter is a crucial part of my pump!

Luckily my Aunt had this extra handy dandy clip case that is a perfect fit!

This thing is perfect! it holds my pump, my meter, my Dexcom, a vial of test strips, some ketostix, a few lancets, a lancing device, alcohol swabs, a pen, and even has a place to put dirty strips!

I just clip my pump to the bottom of the case like this -

That leaves plenty of pockets for other stuff, as well as giving me quick access to my pump.

Lancing Device on the Left, Test strips on the right, Ketostix in the back, lancets, swabs and etc in the front.

The Meter slides nicely down the front of the pouch!

And the Dexcom has plenty of room right behind it.

It really makes it easy to keep things with me when I’m out and about, and even when I’m home. I wear this thing around with me all the time.

Stay tuned for part 2 of how I keep it together!

Ok, as promised... check out part 2