Keeping The Faith In a Cure

Lately, I’ve been asking myself a key question: “What has the JDRF done for me?”

Like really, truly through all the years as I heard that a cure is “right around the corner,” while continuosly raising money for that cure, yet not seeing it around every corner I turned in my life? What have I gotten from the organization so devoted to researching that so-called cure and what do I think of that mission?

Reflecting on this question seriously in recent weeks, some irony has come to mind because of the answer:

In a weird Twighlight Zone sort of way, the JDRF has given me hope.

Maybe not the kind of hope that comes from knowing each dollar I raise for a walk will specifically fund a cure at some specific point in the future. Rather, the hope that a lot of people are looking for a cure with all the passion in their hearts.

The rest of my latest blog post can be viewed over at The Diabetic’s Corner Booth. What do you think?

I ask myself the same thing. Are they really all about raising money for scientist or Pharm Rat companys to create new meds to test on us with a Million risk and who know the long term ones. Its a little unsettling when you think of the first know cases of Type 1 and to this day its all just a guiena pig, a rat, or a monkey test. I know there have been cases of transplants but the poor people have to live on 18 drugs and the benifit is no Insulin… I’m not going to do that, 2 kinds of insulin, verse 18 pills and the cost of those, My Gosh…So I say the money thats raised is just like Cancer, there will never be a cure. The loss of Profits for so many companys would be horrible. So As you can see, my 39 yrs of Type 1 and I don’t believe there will ever be a cure.