Keeping the pod on a 3 yr old boy

Well almost a full year after being dx’d we finally had our carb counting class. I guess waiting so long really paid off because his ratio’s and sensitivity numbers are dead on and we’ve never seen numbers this good. I think our highest has been 200 (our goal is set at 80-180 b/c of his age) instead of almost 400 with his old meal plan at a 2 hour check. Our DE said that if his numbers looked good that we can start the process of getting on a pump at our visit next month. She was actually my husband’s DE when he was a kid and said that knowing how my hubby was as a kid, she wouldn’t even suggest a pump with tubing for Jake (can’t tell you how glad I was to hear that), she said he’d probably rip the tubing out on something in less than an hour.

My question for you guys is…what’s the best way to keep the pump from falling/getting knocked off?

Jake is constantly on the go and now has a 7 mo old brother who wants to wrestle all the time. I was thinking…couldn’t you use the clear tape like stuff that they put over IV’s now (they put it over the IV’s I had in my hand when I had my boys) and just put it completely over the pod? It’s almost like a second skin. It never pealed up on the edges and didn’t seem to pull or pinch my skin.

We’re headed to the beach in August (hoping we’re on the pump by then) and we’ll be swimming a ton this summer. I’d rather be proactive about it in the beginning so he doesn’t get aggravated and want to give up on it (yes he’s 3 going on 40).

I’m open to any suggestions. My husband’s been T1 for 20 some years and never tried the pump, so we are truly rookies when it comes to this part.

Sorry so long. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

My son swims year round and when we think he is going to have more than his normal hour and a hlf in the pool, we use Skin Tac on the site before placing the pod. Along with this, we usually make sure the pod is under his jammers so the suit helps keep it close to his body, reducing the drag on the pod. When the pod is on his arm, we put a band around it - we have been using a wrist sweat band but just received these that we are about to try at the pool this week.

To be honest, we have really not had a lot of issue with the pod coming off from ‘boy play.’ Our son was 7 when he started on the pod (he did MDI from 20 months to 7) so perhaps it it different. He plays pretty hard with his friends and the only time he ripped one off was when he was climbing out from under his desk and stood up too close to the edge of the desktop nd caught his pod. The bands above can be used all the time for the arms if you re concerned about it.

We love the OmniPod, hope it works week for you and your son.

Hi jaksmom427. The best thing that has worked for me as an old but active auto mechanic is Kinesio tape. Totally water proof in fact seems to stick better when wet very comfortable. As a pod user I highly recomend some kind of additional attachment. Talking to Insulet they explained that FDA requires a certain shear spec. for the pod to adhesive. Good idea but not realistic for real word use. Love my pod. Hope Jakes dad will take a look. Only took me 47 years to get on board.

My dtr is 5 and started on the pod 3 months ago. We also use the Kinesio tape and put a strip across the center of the pod closer to the tapered end than the “butt” of the pod. Holds it in place well and still allows for a little movement if needed. Plus you can buy it in colors which the kids like having a choice. We are going to Disney and beach in June. Also bought some tegaderm (the stuff you put over IV’s) to try out on it especially at the beach. Just to help keep it clean from sand and stuff…haven’t tried it yet. She is a pretty tough little scrapper and we’ve actually had pods that ripped off in play leaving the adhesive still in place on the skin. Hasn’t happened often though.

My son was 5 when started on the omnipod. We had the pod for about 1 year. We use foam tape by nexcare. You can get it by the bandaids at Walmart. It’s waterproof and holds well. I just wrap it a couple of times. I usually put a piece across the adhesive where it attaches to the pump. Sometimes that will pull loose and rub his skin and cause some breakdown. Will doesn’t like the Coban Wraps. He occasionally knocks one off, but not much anymore since he’s used to it. Will swims a lot in the summer and it stays on very well. We love our pump!!!

My son wears his pod on the upper back hips and back of arms when he plays hockey. He wears a Under Armour heavy compression short when he plays hockey and has never had any problems with his pod coming dislodged. On his arm he has to wrap over the pod with a self adhesive wrap (PowerFlex is the brand his school uses in the Athletics Dept). If your son is potty trained, you might try some little baseball sliders when you think he might be active.

For school, he does a lighter wrap of tender tape or a ace bandage with velcro on his arm or a lighter weight compression short for his hip. He probably would not have to do this for school, but he feels that it is safer than getting knocked into during passing period and having to make a pod change during class.

Ditto about the KinesioTape; you can find physical thereapy medical supply places online that sell it–the other thing that will keep it your Omnipod on, is if you have a triceps placement, use a “surf shirt” , very similar to the under armor, and gives spf proctection as well. They fit tight, and will keep your pod in place on your lil guy.

Good luck, and remember to bring extra pods and insulin on vacation. You will invariably have a pod failure or two, due to an occlusion, or pulled…don’t let these little setbacks keep you from enjoying a wonderful time at the beach.